Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January and February

Tis the season for winter work projects. Before I left for New Mexico in January I was determined to get some projects done at the barn. So, we made more helmets racks and we also repaired some of our wheelbarrows. One of which has been broken for years, but know that this coming year we will need it. So, I took to fixing it and in a conversation with one our seasonal staff we decided that this wheelbarrow needed some life. If you read in Exodus you see where God made His tabernacle very colorful and elaborate. Gold, silver, bronze, purple, blue . . . It was beautiful!
So, why not make our wheelbarrows beautiful. A bit of a stretch I know, but we had a good bonding time either way.

The week after the wheelbarrow I had the privilege of watching the Casey girls while their parents were on a cruise. We had a lot of fun playing twister, sculpting and just living life together.

Then, I took off to New Mexico where I got to help with the revival meetings at my home church. What a blessing it was to teach there again. On Tuesday night we had around thirty 4 year olds through 2nd graders! It was that night as I gave the invitation and explained to the kids how Jesus died for our sins, one of the very young girls pipes up and asks, “But, why did He have to die?” It kind of caught me by surprise, as I was not sure how we would handle an invitation with this number of kids and with only two other people in the room with me. I sent up a prayer and explained to the girl why He had to die and then plead with the whole group that if they wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior
please talk to one of the leaders. The meetings were typically over around 8pm which is pretty late for some of these kids. I don't know if I will ever know if that little girl did accept Jesus or not, but I do know that a seed was planted and God will use it for His glory.

So, after the revival meeting, I headed over red mountain pass, down through Ouray and finally to Delta where I was able to spend the weekend with my man. He is busy studying and is excited to be doing what he feels God has told him to do. He has
already had many pportunities to show with his life that he is
different from the world. Pray for more opportunities for him to share with these guys. Every time he has his doubts about whether he should be there, God is continually confirming for us that this is the direction He wants Jordan to go. We are both starting to see God
pushing Jordan to be more of a witness and testimony to the locals in Lake City and God is at this point seemingly pushing him that direction. Pray that we continue to trust God, and follow His leading, even if it is in an unexpected direction. That was the month of January! Hard to
believe so much went on and now for the month of February?

Well, that involves grant writing for footing for our arena's, training horses, discipling staff, getting my newsletter written, continuing to study for the EMT-I national test, being a mom and most importantly (next to my time with God) honoring and loving my husband.
In Christ's Love,
Jordan, Rebecca and Cora Kaminski

Ranch Manager
PO Box 130
Lake City, CO 81235
(970)944-2625 ex. 247

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