Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas Card

Saving Lives

Hunting did not go as planned this season, although I think it never has for me. Jordan nor I killed an elk. On top of hunting I was also preparing for my EMT-Intermediate practical test, which I had to drive all the way to Denver to take! Oh, the things I do for my volunteer, Lake City community job.

As I have mentioned before Jordan and I volunteer with Hinsdale County EMS. Jordan occasionally drives and I am certified as a Basic. It is strictly volunteer based. We all take turns as to who will go on a call or not. Lately a lot of our Advance Life Support (ALS) people have moved away, which has left us with very few ALS volunteers. I am pushing hard to finish up my Intermediate certification and only have the national test left to take. Praise God!!!!! I could not have done all of this with out His strength. Pray that He may be glorified as we volunteer for our community in this way, saving lives physically so that they might be saved spiritually too. And, I guess we saved the lives of a couple of elk also!

Feeling down and out?
So, am I done with my EMT-I certification? After much studying and time put into being certified, I took the national test and unfortunately did not pass. It was really hard and extremely disappointing for me. Jordan had to keep reminding me that God has a purpose. I had MY heart set on being done before the new year. It has been hard trying to juggle everything and quite frankly I could not have done it with out God's strengthen and the support of my family especially Jordan. My only down fall in all of this is that I knew that I would be done before 2012 and basically told God that. As we all know that doesn't work. Yes, He could have allowed it to happened, but He didn't for some reason and now we get to practice trusting Him again. I feel like I write a lot about trust but if you are anything like Jordan and I it is part of our everyday lives. God gives us opportunities everyday to practice, the question is if we will just panic and continue to try and make things happen the way we think they should happen or go with the flow, doing what we know we can do and leaving the results to God. Right now I am trusting in Him, but will I be in 5 minutes? You can pray that I will continue to trust Him with the results and give Him the glory no matter what! So, in the mean time we are . . .
Counting our blessings and expecting more
Horses, Family and Food, what more does a person need?
Had an amazing Thanksgiving with Family and even got to go for a trail ride! Grams, Grandad, Tyler, Jules, Uncle Chris, and my Mom and Dad all came for Thanksgiving. We got to have it over at the Murphy's house as Jordan was house sitting for them. It was perfect.

We pray you enjoy your Christmas season and look forward to the New Year counting your blessings from 2011.
  • Raising Cora and her salvation
  • Opportunities to minister to Lake City residence
  • Becca just has her national test to take
  • Camp as we enter the winter months for everything to continue running smoothly
  • Safe Holiday travels to New Mexico and Estes Park
  • Academy class for Jordan starts January 3rd.
  • Cora continues to grow and be healthy, see the pictures above
  • We have all the hay we need as far as we know
  • Becca passed her practical exam!
  • For a great Thanksgiving with Family and for a wood burning stove that keeps our house warm (I am sitting right next to it right now, finishing up our letter)
Another one of our blessings this year has been a beautiful healthy daughter.

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