Monday, October 3, 2011

September 2011

Uncle TK and Cora
Cora with Pops and Nana
Labor Day

Interesting how when you have a baby you end up with family coming to see you a lot. Definitely not complaining about that though. Last month we had my folks in and the beginning of this month we had Jordan's parents in, as well as Tyler and Jules (Jordan's brother and sister-in-law). God is so good to allow us to have such an incredible family.

The Kaminski Clan


It is amazing to see God at work and provide when we continue to follow diligently after him. Jordan had a meeting with the Sheriff of our county to go over some of the details as he starts to transition to being a reserve deputy. During that meeting the sheriff informed him that a part time, seasonal position will be opening up within the agency. After Praying about the opportunity and seeking what God would have us do, Jordan informed the Sheriff that he will plan to take the position when he graduates from the Academy in April.

So, what does this mean for the long term? Jordan will be working 6 months out of the year, two days a week, as a deputy. This is a tremendous blessing and opportunity for us financially. Not to mention the ministry opportunities God may open up within the Lake City community. Currently we are at 58% of our monthly goal, and this will help us to meet our monthly goal by 73%. During those 6 months when Jordan is not out on patrol, he will continue to work and serve at Camp Redcloud.
Cora was the superintendent


It has begun! Praise Jesus! Speaking of struggles . . . this whole haying process has been a struggle for all of us on Equestrian but mostly Jordan as he is the one who gets to coordinate the entire process. We may not know completely the lessons that God is teaching us through this yet, but
Becca stacking
hopefully soon we will see what God wants us to see. We will keep you posted.
Jordan raking

What is God's Love to You?

This was one of the questions I asked our horse clubbers just this past Monday after the riding lesson.
Becca helping with Saddleing

Trail Ride!

One of the kids chimed in that God's Love is when He allows us to struggle so we can learn something. Wow, out of the mouths of babes! Sometimes I am amazed at how much these kids really understand and I don't think they realize that what they say sometimes convicts us adults and reminds us of the truth. Makes me wonder with the struggles that are in my life what is God trying to teach me? And am I thankful for the results that those struggled are producing in me?
For those of you who don't know Lake City kiddo's do not have school on Monday's. The school runs only 4 days a week, because the kids sometimes have doctor's appointments that are at the least 1 hour away in Gunnison and sometimes several hours away depending on if they have to go to Montrose or Grand Junction.

This allows us at Camp Redcloud to offer horse back riding lessons to the local kids and camp kids. We do this for free because we see it as a ministry to the local community. Once again we have around 30 participants this year! We were only going to take 20 but just couldn't turn any away.

In Christ's Love,

Jordan, Becca and Cora
Mom? Is it ok that Aunt Becki is painting my toenails with a whiteboard marker?

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