Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Out in the Open - November

Wrapping up the fall season

This time of year we do not have a lot of programming going on but the program that we do have impacts a lot of lives and specifically the lives of the people that we rub shoulders with year round. I told you all about Horse Club in the last newsletter and we have finished up our time with these kiddo's for this season.

I had an amazing time getting to teach with my husband. He was an great help, especially when it came to watching Cora, which he absolutely enjoyed as well.

Pray for these kids as they continue to impact their parents lives with what they have learned during this Horse Club season. All lot of their parents are not believers.

More Hay!!!!!!!!

You only thought we were done. Hay this year has been hard to find, even from our usual sources. So, we have branched out and I found a guy in Gunnison that had some hay for sale for a great price! We also ask people to donate, but sometimes they just can't. I recently had a guy call me back about hay and asked how much more we needed. He was going to get in touch with another guy that had hay to see if he bought more off of him if he would give us a discount. Come to find out this same guy's daughter has been to our camp before and was interested in our Jr. Assistant Wrangler Program. Not only are we potentially getting hay for our horses, but we might also have a future JAW out of the deal as well.

So, often we fret about what we don't have and what we still need and if it is going to be supplied. Look at the Israelites in Exodus. They fretted about food and water almost their entire time in the desert and every time God would supply. Why do we doubt that God wouldn't supply for us?

This applies to Jordan and me too. We sometimes start to fret and worry about how we are going to make it or get by, but every time God supplies. We have had some unexpected donations in the past several months (You know who you are and thank you!!!!) and we are so grateful to God for His care and supply for us and for speaking to His people to give to us so we can continue the ministry here.

Change for a trip?
So, for the past year or so Jordan and I have been saving up our loose change for our anniversary trip. We ended up with just enough to spend one night in Ouray, CO at a quaint little Bed and Breakfast. We visited the hot springs and soaked in the hot tub that was right outside of our room. After being busy with hay and camp the break was much needed. It revived and refreshed us. Praise God for the moments we get with our spouse. Cherish them because as the Bible says our lives are like a breath.
Oh, Cora? Becki watched her for us! Have I mentioned that we are so blessed to have the friends and family that we have?

The Tree in Cora's Room that Nana and Becca put together.

Where's Cora?

In Christ's Love,
Jordan, Becca and Cora

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