Friday, September 2, 2011

Out in the Open - August 2011

Should I go or not?

We deliberated back and forth whether to go on the pack trip or not. Should I go and take Cora? What if she gets sick? After thinking long and hard about it we realized that God has blessed us with a healthy kiddo and our staff were willing to work around Cora's schedule. So, we packed up and I left early the first day so I could hike up before the horseback riders and nurse Cora and then keep hiking with them once they caught up with me. What an incredible time to get to hang out with staff. It really proved to be a great time to get to just hangout with staff and be in a non-work environment.

Cora's sleeping bag - my down jacket.


Hurry up and Wait

Sometime soon we will start to harvest the hay on the two fields that Jordan has been overseeing this summer. There are a lot of factors that come into play to make everything work out. Making sure the equipment is ready, watching the weather and most importantly have a team of people ready to jump into action when everything is perfect and ready to go.

Haying is a lot like being in tune to the Holy Spirit when He is working on someone's heart. We have to be watching the “weather” so to speak and have our “equipment” ready to go when God prompts us to action. Being in the Word, listening to God's Spirit is key. This is why our quiet times are so important. Jesus escaped to the mountains to get “quiet times” with God. When is the last time you have really sat down and communed with Jesus? Or have you ever? You don't have to come to the mountains to do it, although it does help sometimes. You just need to get rid of the distractions of the day.

For the sake of the community

Our heart and passion is for people. Not only within our ministry here at Camp Redcloud but also for the people in Lake City. This is why for 6 years I have been volunteering for the community as an EMT. Jordan was trained to be able to drive the ambulances for us. God recently opened a door for Jordan to start volunteering for the Sherrif's Department as a reserve deputy. After much prayer and thought on this we have finally decided that he will be attending the Academy starting in January and will be finished in April. Praise God that we have had a donor offer to pay for the academy. 
                                                                                    Jordan at a shooting competition

Cora Pearl
She is the cutest baby ever!” This is something we hear a lot. We think so too! But we are biased. She is officially 3 months old! So far she sleeps through the night and naps great, which allows me to get a lot of things done. She has also been starting to talk more and laugh a lot.



Trip to American Basin                                                                                            


In Christ's Love,

Jordan, Becca and Cora

  •  For Jordan as he prepares for the academy
  • Raising Cora and her salvation
  • For haying to continue to go smoothly
  • Good health for our family so far
  • God's guidance in our lives with decisions
  • We have started cutting hay!

Jordan and Rebecca Kaminski
Ranch Manager
PO Box 130
Lake City, CO 81235
(970)944-2625 ex. 247

Mmmmm, elk steak and homemade bread for our anniversary dinner.

1 year of marriage down or 365 days according to Jordan.