Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 2012

 Rain, Rain, Rain:

Because of the lack of rain we were not able to have any fireworks for the 4th of July, but I did ride with Jordan in his patrol vehicle and threw candy to the expectant kiddo's. Cora slept through most of the parade.

Just a few weeks ago though God sent us rain!!!!! It has helped put out the fires, water our pastures and cool down our summer. I know for some of you it is definitely hotter where you are at but, our staff, horses and campers do better with the added relief of our afternoon thunderstorms.

What is happening?

The only reason why I came to camp is for the horses. I am not into speaker time or doing devotions in the morning.” This is something that we do hear from our campers quite a bit. Just a few weeks ago we had a teenage camper who said something very similar to this. She kind of had a bad attitude at the beginning of the week and didn't respond great to her counselor. Just the week before we had a Jr. Assistant Wrangler (JAW) who has been coming for years as a camper, finally accept Christ. This same JAW God used to speak into that campers life and she ended up accepting Christ as well! It has been incredible to see God work through a new believer to bring another believer to himself.

We also, had an English camper who's horse kept refusing a jump on the cross country course and when the horse finally went over she lost her balance and fell off after the horse landed the jump. We made sure she was ok and then got her back on. She immediately jumped that same jump again and then told me later she felt more confident now that she had fallen off. Interesting how that boosted her confidence. She was afraid to fall off before because she didn't know what to expect from it, which is why she was not pushing her horse to go over the jump. Once she realized that it wasn't as scary as she thought it gave her more confidence. The same can be true in our walk with Christ. Sometimes we are scared of the unknown and so we do not give it our all. We have to step forward with 100% obedience no matter what the outcome might be. We have to “jump” forward into obedience, trusting God with the outcome and not trying to control it for our selves.

Here are some other photo's from the summer to show what has been going on within the Equestrian Program. By way of reminder. During our 10 weeks of summer the Equestrian Program is just a small part of everything that goes on here at Camp Redcloud. Some of the other programs that are running simultaneously are our Adventure program; Wilderness program; LEAD program, which is our high school discipleship program; and our Adult and Family Ministries. If you want to know more about any of our programs check out our website at

Our activities crew has been working on a seating area for our end of week horse shows. It is starting to look really good!

Just a few weeks ago I was able to help shoe my own horse. That was before I was as big as I am now.

This past week we got the opportunity to take Jordan's parents up to American Basin.

Jordan hanging out with his baby girl

Only 2 more months to go!

Pops and Nana

Jordan and Rebecca Kaminski


Horsemanship Manager

PO Box 130

Lake City, CO 81235


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