Friday, September 7, 2012

August 2012

Perfect Ending:

Our Summer season ended really well. Our staff pushed through to the end and we even have a handful that decided to stay with us through the fall. Interestingly enough the two girls I was discipling this summer are staying for the fall and so I get to continue to disciple them through the fall season.

One of the JAW's that I had the opportunity to disciple several years ago, came to drop off her foster siblings for camp. She has been trying to figure out before they came a place to stay in town so she could be around to help out if needed. Nothing had worked out and initially I know it was very frustrating. After registering her siblings, her and her mom were getting ready to head out, but she didn't want to go, she really wanted to stay and was wondering if she could just jump in for a week of JAW. Everything ended up working out and she got to stay at Camp and be a JAW for a week. It is exactly what God wanted in the first place. Her parents had just recently adopted two foster kids, who had been in over 20 different homes. They are older and this JAW girl had been struggling to know how to love them. That week of camp the speaker had been scheduled to speak the previous week but they had gotten the dates wrong. That speaker and his wife had been foster parents and adopted many kids over the years, some of them older and coming with their own set of issues. One night in the middle of his teaching time he talked about how hard it was when God started bring these troubled kids into his life and home. He also talked about how it affected his biological kids as well. This message ended up speaking directly to this girl. It is so incredible how God works things out. This girl wasn't suppose to be here that week and that speaker wasn't suppose to speak that week either! Our plans are not God's plans.

Bears and Ministry to the Community

They are everywhere! The bears that is . . . and the ministry opportunities to the community too, but I am referring to the bears. Jordan, along with all the deputies, have had their hands full trying to keep everyone safe while the bears are roaming about trying to get fat before they hibernate. It has been challenging and Jordan and I were even visited by momma bear and her cub one morning at 4am. She was attempting to get onto our porch and managed to rip some boards off but then was easily scared away when we turned the porch light on and made some commotion of our own.

Jordan, continues to have the opportunity to minister within the community as a Sherrif's deputy. There are several instances where Jordan has been able to minister to people in his custody and is looking into how much he can share with you all in the next newsletter. Until then, please keep praying for him as he has to be diplomatic in what he says and how he says it.
It is hard to get pictures of Jordan working.
So, this is the best I have so far. :-)

For our anniversary Jordan took me to my first ever professional Baseball game. It was a close game and the Rockies won! Baseball is still not one of my passions, but I enjoyed getting to spend time with my husband of 2 years and watch something that he absolutely loves and enjoyed playing when he was in school.

Cora, giving her
best Cupie pose.
If you don't know
what Cupie Dolls
are, Google search
Any day now!
Fun shot at 35 weeks
Keeping praying that all
goes well, God has blessed
us again with another
healthy Pregnancy. Who
knows by the time you get
this letter she maybe born!
In Christ's Love,
Jordan, Becca and Cora Kaminski


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