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July 2011

10-12 Hours From Start to Finish 

Cora Pearl Kaminski was born May 28th, 2011 at 11:44pm, delivered by her Papa under the watchful eye of Dr. McMurren at Gunnison Valley Hospital. She came into this world without any complications and we all left the hospital that next day.

God has a funny way of working things out. First, is that Jordan's brother and his new wife happened to be coming in to visit us the same day that I went into labor. So, they were the first to get to hold her after Aunt Michelle, who is a very dear friend of mine and helped me through the labor process along with Jordan. The second, is that Cora shares a birthday with Elena, my oldest niece. Elena also got to attend her's and ours first Little Mustangs camp this summer! So, it worked out beautifully because my family was able to be here the second week of Cora's life and Jordan's family was able to be here the first week. I am so thankful for all the help those first couple of weeks. Praise God for a quick and healthy deliver.

You all can keep up to date more frequently with Cora and our life by checking us out on Facebook. I will also be in the process of starting a blog. Look! I did it! :-)

Did we come here to Learn?

This last week I got to help instruct the Little Mustangs Camp. We had a young girl this week who we will call Sue. Sue thought she already knew it all and initially gave us attitude. The counselor that week told me that while on the overnighter she had to give some tough love to her girls. They were having a dispute over who was going to move out of one tent and into the other. Rapunzel, the counselor, asked for volunteers. No one wanted to go but finally two out of the seven girls volunteered. Rapunzel wanted at least one more, but none of the other girls would heed. The girls who didn't volunteer decided that they could all fit in one tent. Rapunzel then informed the girls that the ones who volunteered would be staying and everyone else needed to move. She explained that they were being selfish not to move and that is why she was having the volunteers stay put. All but Sue realized their sin and willingly went to the other tent. Sue, started throwing a fit, “This isn't fair! Why do I have to move!” Rapunzel explained to her that she wanted the girls to learn an important lesson on being selfless. “We didn't come here to learn lessons!” Sue exclaimed. All the other girls looked at her with shock, “Yes we did” they replied. Needless to say by the end of the week this girl was respecting us more and did end up learning a lot.


What is your passion?

Jordan this summer has mainly been playing in the water at our three different field locations. It has proved challenging for him with keeping up on irrigation, occasionally doing speaker times and other ranch projects around the Equestrian Center. Both Jordan and I still help in discipling the seasonal staff by meeting with them one-on-one, praying for them and holding them accountable to their time with God. On top of this Jordan has also found himself, speaking into the lives of other seasonal and full time staff.

The other day Becki asked him what he was passionate about. This stumped him a bit as he has always done what was needed, not necessarily what he was passioned for. As we both thought about this he came to realize that he was more of a people person

Jordan doing speaker time from the round pen

then he realized. Not necessarily in big groups but with one-on-one/small groups.

Needless to say the Ranch Manager job does not afford much opportunity for interaction with people. Please be praying as we and Becki, our boss, consider what position Jordan will move into at Redcloud.

In Christ's Love,

Jordan, Becca and Cora

Where's Cora?

  • Wisdom for future direction
  • Raising Cora and her salvation
  • For haying to go smoothly
  • Healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • Blessed with a safe summer so far
  • We have had lots of campers!

Cattlemen's Days

Despite just having a baby, I got the opportunity to take our horse to her very first horse show. I only rode in 3 classes, because I knew I wouldn't have the energy to do more, but I really had a good time. Shabiyb (or Flame as it is translated), was given to us by Pete Tjeolker. God provided a way for her to get down here and she arrived only a few weeks after Cora was born. She has proved to be an amazing horse and we praise God for her sane mind and good training. We are very spoiled, but very thankful.

Jordan and Rebecca Kaminski
Ranch Manager
PO Box 130
Lake City, CO 81235
(970)944-2625 ex. 247

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